Up to 50% lower transport costs!

The use of waterways can reduce transport costs by up to 50% compared with existing sea routes and road transport via ports in northern Poland. The waterway is ideal for transporting raw materials, aggregates, containers or bulky goods.

Thanks to the link to the key European ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, river transport is a great alternative the longer sea route which has, until now, necessitated using one of the ports of northern Poland. This has forced companies in central and southern Poland to travel hundreds of unnecessary

extra kilometers by road. The Uradzie river port location can significantly reduce distance and make important savings due to its more favorable position inland. 

Our river port logistics centre is located just a few kilometers from the A2 motorway and a relatively short distance from the S3. Close proximity to the border and Frankfurt an der Oder also allows you use of the German road network.

This favourable geographic location allows us to reduce transport costs by up to 50%.

Combined transport

Combined transport is a good way for your company to save money according to the road transport legislation of 6 September 2001. Called "combined transport", it applies to carriage during which the lorry, trailer, semi-trailer with or without stretching unit, swap body or container of 20 feet or more, uses inland water transport exceeding a straight line distance of 100km outside of the initial or final stretch of the journey. Additionally, the road transport section of the initial or final stretch between the point where the goods are finally loaded and unloaded and the river port must not exceed a straight line distance of 150km. The road transport charges are refunded under the Act of 12 January 1991 concerning local taxes and fees.